Friday, December 2, 2011

Where to find Intergalactic Space Glass by N8

My custom request list is currently closed. I'm still fulfilling older requests while steadily feeding my favorite stores and galleries new glass, so I put up this little guide to help you find my latest creations. You can find and contact most of these stores on Facebook, Yelp, Google, or email me and I'll get you their direct contact info.

UPDATED 06/23/13)
(*An asterisk indicates the shops/galleries who most recently received glass orders)

*Illuzion (Denver, CO)
MadHatters (Denver, CO)
Aqua Labs (Riverside, CA)
High Priority Glass (Long Beach, CA)
Check Your Head (Huntington Beach, CA)
Inner Limits (San Clemente, CA)
High Tide (Santa Barbra, CA)
Pacific Glass Gallery (Santa Barbra, CA)
NVS Glassworks (Portland, OR)
Mellow Mood (Portland, OR)
Visions Smoke Shop (OR)
The Gathering (Bellingham, WA)
SupremeSmoke (San Antonio, TX)
Puff'N'Stuff (TX)
BC Smokeshop - (Austin, TX)
Whomp (Austin, TX)
Cosmic Charlies (Hollywood, FL)
MADE (Chicago, IL)
Headventure (Joliet, IL)
Roots Rock Reggae (Charlottesville, VA)
The Glass Stache (Alexandria, VA)
Buried Treasures (Boston, MA)
Good Times Gallery (Manchester, NH)
Heading to Hertel (NY)
OPM (Providence, RI)
J.Friendly (Towson, MD)
PureVirtue (Rockville, MD)
Boro Barn (MD)

N8's glass is coming soon to these fine establishments in 2013/2014:

Wade's World
Marley's Tobacco
Aces High
Destination Gallery
Upnsmoke Woodlands
Herbal Tea & Tobacco
Grn Glassworks
Purple Ringer/N. Lights
Captain Ed's SmokeShop
Up In Smoke
Budder Ball
Buried Treasure
Wonderland Gifts

I apologize to anyone I'm leaving out. I'll add more as I remember them or as I am reminded of them. ALSO, if you have a RAD local gallery or shop that doesn't currently carry my work, please contact me with their info. Thanks!


  1. Can you find it at Edmonton glass companies, if you know of any? I want some, but I don't want to have travel too far. I will if I have to, but better to know it's not here first.